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Things You Don’t Know About France Nightlife

 France NightlifeIt would be great if you can carve out some time for reading “F is for France”. It’s acclaimed as the most insightful book about this land of baffling laws and most inspiring sites ever. But I assume you wouldn’t check out for sites and quick search if you have the time.

Let us just say that it’s a land where you can divorce your partner because of intellectual infidelity, and then marry the Eiffel Tower or a dead person. A land where you must apology to a donkey if you use his name to swear somebody and can drink from a champagne glass modeled upon the left breast of Marie Antoinette.

Now when you are familiar with weird things you may not know about France let us introduce you to things you didn’t know about its nightlife. Here is a rundown of the nightlife utré sites you will hopefully enjoy:

Saint Antoine Street-Paris

Left right, left right, march.The street of Bastille storming, French revolution, liberty, and blood. We don’t wish you a happy Bastille night but to experience a mix of psychological and historic “ascent” just like Napolean Bonaparte after his ascent to the throne.

Don’t be extravagant in spending like King Louis XVI it will leave you on the brink of bankruptcy. Do we have to remind you that this was a reason for FR? So, put the Bastilla and Oberkamph on your nightlife map first. Visit the outline on the pavement of what is left of the most notorious prisons in the world’ history as well as the location of the 1848 barricade at rue de Charenton. You don’t even have to attend the world’s famous opera and ballet performances cause the sheer surreal construction of The Opéra Bastille will leave you breathless.

After felling a bit depressed by French revolution facts angle for all- triumphal gate- the Arc de Triomphe. Since he could order whatever he wanted Napoleon commissioned this grand monument in 1806. And since we are just mortals let us be satisfied with commissioning some of the most occult secrets from a tourist guide hidden within these mighty walls. Some of them claim that the Arc is renowned for being a place of several assassination attempts.

The most famous targets were Charles de Gaulle who survived more than 30 similar attempts and Jacques Chirac. The location was the same and assassins alike- they both missed and headed for the Seine- the lifeblood of Paris.  One of the easiest ways to experience this miraculous river is to walk along it or stroll along the bridges such as Pont Alexandre III, Pont Royal, and Pont des Arts. You can also book a night cruise and enjoy the most famous Parisian sights such as the Eiffel Tower.

Marseille’s Nights

 France NightlifePace it up and down for an indelible mix of style and history nightlife experience. Vieux de Port is teeming with bars and clubs. But again your visit to this ancient Mediterranean port isn’t for a glass or two of French wine. Night navigation of its landmarks is much more rewarding and still easier on your wallet. Once you get to the top of the city you will feel like captured in the Middle Ages. Gilded, light and dark marble of Notre Dame de la Garde with a bell tower crowned by the heavenly statue of Madona will be your crow’s nest, 200 meters above the city.

Just imagine a view of the panorama below your feet. Red, pastel and orange rooftops of Marseilles’ buildings, the colorful boat floating port, Fort Saint-Jean at the entrance of the old harbor, Préfecture de Marseille, and L’Unité d’Habitation- a city within a city. It further embraces the Frioul Island in the Mediterranean Sea. When safely grounded back continue your night tour walking up the winding streets of Marseille’s oldest quarter- 600 BC le Panier. On your way to night spots such as art galleries, Algerian cuisine restaurants, and street musicians platforms you may come across ancient look houses with shuttered windows and laundry lines strung across the street. Easy going and lively atmospheric neighborhoods will make you feel at home.

The City Of Time Travelers- Lyon

It’s interesting that every major city in France other than Paris is rated as the second -most important city after “The city of Lights”. Be it as it may you should visit all of them and Lyon is one of them. A thrilling compound of Roman,Old World, and  Renaissance styles will make you a time traveler. But you should maneuver your time machine sober so be moderate when making a beeline for the famous cocktail bars and brasseries. No need to look for signboards, they are all over Lyon and you simply can’t miss them. However, for first-time visitors, we recommend the silk quarter Colline de la Croix- Rousse full of hidden streets and astonishing architecture pubs. But what you mustn’t miss in your night watch is Presqu’ile District.

It’s literally an island placed within the river and the heart of Lyon’s historic buildings. The fountain by F.A. Bartholdi, who designed the Statue of Liberty in New York, is best experienced at night. It emits a waterfall light show accentuating breathtaking horses sculptures- symbols of four rivers flowing towards the Ocean. Musée des Confluences is great night watchtower displaying astonishing view of the city of Lyon and two rivers Saône and Rhône that you can also admire from the museum beautiful garden. The spaceship museum exhibits walk you through the history of humans and bring you back to reality with amazing temporary expositions.

The Onetime Ugly Duckling- Le Havre

Not so long ago this city of Hanging gardens and miracles was nicknamed the ugly duckling of the Normandy coast because it was crammed with filthy industrial quarters. As if swept away by hurricane spin broom these warehouses and factories sites gave way to beautiful and promising harbor paradise on earth. The definite highlight of this modern renaissance is the Bains des Docks. Nightlife attraction number one. Dozens of outdoor swimming pools, waterfalls open to the sky, saunas and underwater seats pervade the entire building. You can order a glass of traditional champagne and enjoy the mesmerizing view: The Hanging Gardens, a botanic miracle placed in the 19th-century fort, Shipowner’s house, Sea and beautiful beaches, the river Seine and waterside gardens around the old docker’s tower.

The Bay Of Angels-Nice

Strolling down the Promenade du Paillon at night will empower your senses with all the natural glamour of Nice. 30 acres of greensward lead you from the center of the city to the sea of the Côte d’Azur. Favourite English 19th century winter resort -the Promenade des Anglais is another top night stroll site. It’s overflowed with bohemian restaurants, local art boutiques, and famous blue chairs. You can enjoy the night by simply leaning back in one of these chairs watching the curious tourists, street musicians and painters. After a rest take a walk to the Castle of Nice, the biggest public garden since Louis XIV destroyed all its castle features. It is a must observatory, “the cradle of the sun” since it overlooks the entire city, the harbor, and the promenades.

Farewell Tip

Since you can enjoy an amazing nightlife in almost any capital of the world it would be time wasting to spend all of your nights hanging out in pubs and brasseries, got drunk and go to bed with not having a clue about sightseeing that night. You can do this in your very hometown as well and save some money.