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Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

Best Electric SkateboardSkating has always been joy for adventure loving people and like other things this has also seen innovation in it. Nowadays electric skateboards are available out there to make your skating experience a lot enjoyable. There will be electric motor in this electric skateboard with a remote and that you would be carrying in your hand to control its speed and direction easily.

With so many designs available out there it could be a tricky task to select any skateboard without having any past experience. Keeping this thing in view you are going to read 7 best electric skateboards which we have gathered and with their complete features. This will surely make your job a lot easier.

Best Electric Skateboards

1. Catwalk Electric Skateboard Dual Motor 700W,4.4AH Lithium Battery

Best Electric SkateboardIf you are looking for some good electric skateboard then you have come to the right place the “Catwalk Electric Skateboard Dual Motor 700W, 4.4 Ah lithium battery” and with lots of amazing features. It has got lithium battery which operates on 29.4 volts and it can provide mileage of 12.4 miles quite easily. Another good thing about this skateboard is that it has got powerful battery which has the capacity of 4400 mAh.

The board of this skateboard is made up of 6 layers and construction of this has been done by bamboo and Canadian maple. You need to take care of the weight as it can handle 220 lbs as par the recommendation. There is wireless remote given with as well through which you will be able to control its acceleration and other parameters. With 51mm of diameter and wear resistance PU wheels this is truly one of the best skateboards out there.

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2. 28″ Electric Longboard Skateboard 

Best Electric SkateboardThe 28” Electric Longboard Skateboard Bluetooth remote control 120 watt Hub motor with carrying bag can be the good option to consider. It is backed up by 120 Watt hub motor and it is able to give you the max: speed up to 11.5mph and not only this but it can also climb 10 to 15 grade hills too. There are other great features in this skateboard as well like it has got regenerative braking and you will feel the power of this braking system. It is operated on 24volts 2200mAh lithium ion battery which can give you 10 to 12 miles once fully charged. With remote control and good construction this is highly recommended.

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3. Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Best Electric SkateboardDo you want to try something new in electric skateboard? If yes then you are on the right place but keep in mind this will cost you some extra bugs. There is no comparison on the speed of this skateboard as it can go maximum up to 22mph. Another good thing about this skateboard is that it is very much portable as it is very much light in weight. It has got 25 percent grade hill climbing with regenerative braking make it pretty much attractive to the adventurers.

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4. 38″ Electric Longboard Skateboard 

Best Electric SkateboardThis one is the 38inches Electric Longboard Skateboard with Bluetooth Remote Control 400Watt dual hub motor with amazing features. First of all it has got the large deck and it is powered by powerful 400 watt dual hub motor. The maximum speed given by this skateboard is around 25 mph and you can climb 20 to 30 grade hills using this one. You can easily stop it as it has got regenerative braking system. With chargeable battery operated on 36 volts it can give you 25 to 30 miles in a single go. With remote control and 9 layers Canadian hard rock maple this is truly durable.

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5. Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard – 1000W Belt Drive

Best Electric SkateboardDo you like extreme adventure? If yes then this skateboard can get you through to this. The Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard with 1000 Watt belt drive and 90 Wh Lithium ion battery in brown color will give you more than the normal skateboards. With its powerful battery of 1000 Watt this is very much capable of handling steeper hills. Not only this but it has got the great control and you can easily accelerate it any time. This is pretty much strong and safe with good battery lifetime. Not to mention that it has got regenerative braking system as well.

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6. BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Longboard Electric Skateboard Motorized Hub-Motor 3.5″ Wheels

Best Electric SkateboardThe BLITZART Huracane 38” Electric Longboard E-Skateboard motorized Electronic Hub-Motor 3.5” wheels and it is highly durable too. This skateboard can achieve the maximum speed of around 15mph and if it is once fully charged then you will not have to worry about next 17 miles. It has also got ergonomic wireless remote which is of course made keeping in view making your interaction easy with it. The deck of this skateboard has been made up of maple wood and bamboo. With its powerful motor it is very much reliable and it is completely assembled and you can use it after opening it from the box.

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7. Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard

Best Electric SkateboardIf you want to keep things simple then this could be the best option for you the “Inboard Technology M1 Premium Electric Skateboard” with amazing advantages. One thing which you must keep in your mind is that it costs a bit too high. You don’t need to worry about its quality as there is no compromise and that is why it is highly durable.

This skateboard is really light in weight and that could be one of the reasons why it can attain max: speed of 22mph. With pretty much safe for ride the regenerative braking system in this skateboard makes sure that you are always in control. Not to mention this is also water resistant and comes with 12 month warranty.

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More or less features like max: speed, safety and the remote control play critical role in deciding what to buy. As you just read above there could be huge difference in the price of electric skateboards given the features and it totally depends on you how much you are going to spend on it.