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5 Best Car Insurance Apps

Best Car Insurance AppsLion’s share of auto insurance companies nowadays come up with highly practical and functional auto insurance apps to fit the wishes and needs of their customers.

The applications are being adjusted in a way to ease the task of managing files and documents and other key functions by mobile apps.

Choosing the highest quality car insurance app is as crucial for your as picking out the best car insurance provider. It’s going to perform multiple tasks for you thus running a wide range of insurance policy features:

  • Car insurance bill payment
  • Insurance policy management
  • Filing claims
  • Accident photos loading and updating
  • Insurance documents survey
  • Roadside assistance
  • Customer service chat

Bearing in mind the car insurance apps functionality, features, and compatibility with your mobile device we made a list of the most advanced apps designed for the leading software platforms.

Progressive App:

It provides you with all the primary policy features and is a great substitute for an auto insurance company. It enables you to:

  • Acquire invoice
  • Pay your bill straight by your phone
  • Get assistance from your car insurance agent
  • Have a direct access to your Progressive insurance account

State Farm App

As  all apps it provides you with a wide range of functions essential while on the road.It has an appealing design and very simple interface. It gives you the option to:

  • Pay your insurance bill.
  • Car, home renter’s control
  • Access yearly payments data
  • Get help in case of an accident

It’s also acclaimed as one of the most user-friendly car insurance apps.

Esurance app

Apart from being designed to meet basic performances, this app has been notably altered so as to meet the newest updates. It allows you to:

  • Upgrade your payment procedure
  • Make claims through photos
  • Obtain an insurance deal for individual insurance holders
  • Get roadside assistance whenever in need

Geico mobile

Geico mobile app is one of the most desirable in the car insurance market due to its basic and advanced features easily handled even by the most inexperienced users. It also has great customers reviews.

  • Documentation and invoices check-up
  • Create and send professional invoice
  • Customer service great practices
  • Roadside assistance
  • Material design

Generally, it performs all the tasks provided by all other apps but in a clearly different manner.

Allstate app

Unlike other apps, it has a GPS which enables tracking down a driver’s  location. It is fabled for its all-in-one application and marked as one of the most popular apps among car insurance owners. Its services include:

  • Paying bills
  • Documents revision
  • Roadside assistance
  • Parking Locator
  • A Gas finder
  • Locating the nearest car insurance agent in the area
  • Drivewise system

Car insurance apps add-ons:

Some of these apps providers prefer market price savings and also invent some entertainment applications. Geico features highly amusing game called Tricky Traffic educating drivers on safety and wise driving. Progressive has an Art application which has nothing to do with driving but is related to renowned contemporary artists. Allstate and State Farm come up with a useful app which audits your driving so as to decide if you are a candidate for special programs and lower prices that eventually reduce the premium costs.