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Benefits of Playing Sports

Benefits of Playing SportsIt’s scientifically proven that playing sports has innumerable social, mental and health benefits. They all add years to your life, the smile on your face, confidence in yourself. Apart from building muscles it also builds your confidence and self-esteem.

However, starting anything new in your life can be scary or too challenging. But if you consider pros and cons of playing sports regularly you will see there are no cons at all. Only positive effects. So don’t restrain yourself from living a happier life. It’ surely the emotional angle you want to achieve.

Social Benefits

Playing sports teaches you valuable life skills i.e. how to:

  • Make new friends
  • Lose and stay competitive
  • Be disciplined
  • Control emotions
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Be patient and dedicated
  • Be a part of a team, not “I” in a team

These traits are to be carried into and implemented into everyday life since they are transferable to all life aspects. You simply need them! Bottom line, none of these features should be distinguished by winning or losing the game. Instead, one should focus on the effort involved and enjoyment of the game as an award.

Health Benefits

Playing sports maintain or improve:

  • Weight management

Since playing sports boosts your metabolism naturally you will either lose weight or maintain the healthy one and avoid weight gain.

  • Stronger immune system

Due to the increased rate of white blood cells, reaching all body parts, and the rise of body temperature the chances of bacterial growth lessens as well. Strong immunity prevents all the potential diseases listed below.

  • Cardio respiratory health

By playing sports the heart pumps more blood into your body thus providing it with oxygen and taking carbon dioxide away from the tissues. The prevailing view in scientifically backed up medical reports is that playing sports reduces the risks of heart, lungs and blood vessels diseases by about 50%.

  • Muscles and bones health

Muscles and bones are living tissues so they can grow and become stronger. Bone and muscle strengthening activities include: Playing tennis, basketball, soccer etc.

  • Balanced cholesterol levels and Diabetes control

Playing sports helps you to lower your bad cholesterol and to boost the HDL- good cholesterol. It also helps diabetic people to improve blood glucose control and intensify insulin sensitivity.

Mental Benefits

Playing sports trains your mind as well. It is a powerful medicine for your:

  • Memory
  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Energy level
  • Mental health challenges
  • Overall mood

Sports foster various positive changes in the brain from neural growth to endorphin release. This powerful chemical acts as analgesics in a way it lessens the perception of pain. It simply boosts your spirits and makes you feel good. Playing sports is an ideal distraction that can help you stop dwelling on negative thoughts. As a natural treatment, it alleviates stress and tension and gets you moving! Playing sports is more like a fun rather than an obligation. All you need is goodwill, a pair of sneakers and good company that low investment is for a long-term well being.