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10 Best Countries for Hiking

No matter how much our life style has been changed in this busy world where the race is going on everywhere, there is still an urge of going into wild and places where the true essence of life exists. Hiking is one of the ways to explore the hidden feelings residing in you and that is because of so many good reasons. First of all when you take on hiking there will be huge time for you to explore yourself and the nature at the same time.

You will be on your own and most of all you will get to see some of the truly amazing places on this earth. There are plenty of hiking trails out there all over the globe but of course there goes some outstanding trails where a true hike lover would love to go for once in a lifetime. There you are with some of the best places to hike so keep reading.


Best Countries for HikingIt is the country which exists on the pacific side of south America and can be seen as a narrow strip in a world map. But this is also a place with amazing trails. Chile is very much known because of its places like Patagonia, or the popular one the Andes and not to mention the great glaciers. This all makes Chile the place a hiker must visit in his lifetime.


Best Countries for HikingYou must have heard the fairytales about Yellowstone as it goes with USA but there are a lot many places for hiking as well if you are really serious. A true hiker may go and should go the places like Grand Canyon and the Great Plains, and these are the places where you will find yourself too close to the nature. This will be justified to say that USA has been bestowed with so many natural beauty and a person must plan to explore hiking trails as it will be a worth remembering experience.


Best Countries for HikingThis country is located in South Asia and the place of six “8 thousanders” out of 14 in the world will give you some stunning hiking trails for sure. The northern areas of Pakistan are best known of their hiking trails and the breathtaking landscapes. Hiking trails like Nanga Parbat base camp or the Concordia where you will eventually find yourself surrounded in the middle of 4 eight thousanders including the second highest mountain K2. Deosai plane and the Hunza valley hiking trail will also fill your soul with great energy for sure.


Best Countries for HikingIf you happen to find yourself somewhere near Scandinavian countries then you could go to Norway and explore some of the best hiking trails over there. Places like Arctic circle, sami culture or the polar exploration have been the center of human curiosity. You will also find out good hiking trails in the national parks of Norway as it is rich with natural beauty.


Best Countries for HikingIn Nepal you will find so many hiking trails other than the snow capped mountains for the whole year. The highest mountain on our earth exists here in Nepal “The Everest” and to reach there you will find a trail. Other than that you will also find so many other trails right in the middle of Himalayas. Mind you Nepal has some extreme hiking trails too where you should take precaution before going.

New Zealand

Best Countries for HikingA place of lush green lands with lots of beauty that’s New Zealand for you. This country has places like Te Araroa Trail and the Queen Charlotte where you could take on some of the best hiking trails. Not only that but New Zealand is a place where the weather allows hikers to enjoy the most, so this must be in your priority list for sure.


Best Countries for HikingAnother Scandinavian country in the list and for the right reason. This is ultimate place for hiking as it has got places like Pilgrim trail, King’s trail where you will walk through the world’s best landscape. There is something wild out there near the pole and that what you will definitely observe while hiking this naturally beautiful country Sweden. Situation could be worse at times but you will be happily doing this for seeing some of the best views in your life.


Best Countries for HikingIf you are on a trip of South America then you should and must go on visit Argentina. There are places like Aconcagua and the Fitz Roy trek for the hiking lovers. We cannot forget the Andes and the Patagonia out there as well. Without any doubt you will fall in love with the place as it has got most solitude places in the world where you can feel real essence of life. With so many moderate to high level hiking you will also get to know the adventure at its peak.


Best Countries for HikingIf there is heaven on earth then it is the place you can find it. With the highest mountain of the Europe the Alps and the treks in surrounding areas will surely mesmerize you to the core. Not only Alps but Switzerland has also got trails like Zermatt Lakes trail, Eiger Trail and the not to mention the Matterhorn. You have to be there to enjoy nature at its best.

South Africa

Best Countries for HikingGenerally you can find a lot in African continent and particularly if we talk about South Africa then being a hike lover you must visit some of the best trails out there. The Amathole trail, Garden Route trail and the Otter trail will leave you bewildered for a long time. South Africa also has the longest hiking trail the Rim of Africa and you would love the views surrounding that trail.


First of all just make it clear that the list given above has not been numbered according to the best criteria as you can have your own experience. The most important thing is to go out and explore the world and observe the real world which is far more beautiful than the jungle of concrete we have been living.